Riverina consistently outperforms NSW

Posted: 9th May

The Riverina region has consistently had lower unemployment than NSW and the rest of Australia over recent years. According to the most recent Department of Jobs Small Area Labour Market statistics, the Riverina’s most recent unemployment rate was 4.5%. By comparison, NSW South Wales recorded an unemployment rate of 4.8% and Australia’s unemployment rate was 5.8%.  

The Riverina also has a higher portion of middle income earners ($400 to $1,499 per week) than NSW, with 39.8% of people in the Riverina in this bracket, compared to 36.5% for NSW. 

Cost of living is significantly lower also. There is a comparable number of home owners in the Riverina to the rest of NSW, with 59% of dwellings in the Riverina either owned outright or owned with a mortgage, compared to 61% for all of NSW. The average mortgage repayment is much lower however, with 87% of those who reported their mortgage costs stating that they payed $2,399 or less per month in the Riverina. For the whole of NSW only 63% reported that they payed less than $2,399 per month for their mortgage. 

It is clear that the Riverina is a place of wonderful opportunity. With low unemployment, combined with lower mortgage rates and good earnings prospects, the Riverina is a great place to live, work and play.